Romania Lottery


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase tickets for future draws?

Not at this time, but watch for exciting additions coming your way. We plan on offering Never Miss a Draw and Multi-Draw features. The Never Miss a Draw feature will provide the opportunity to automatically purchase your tickets for every upcoming draw until you stop the order. The Multi-Draw feature will allow you to choose the number of draws you would like for up to one year’s worth of consecutive draws.

Can I save my favorite number?

This feature is not available at this time, but will be provided at a later date.

How will I know if I've won?

We’ll send you an email to notify you of your win.

How can I claim my winnings?

All winnings under $100,000.00 will be automatically credited to your account, and you will be notified. For winnings of $100,000.00 or over you must submit a Lottery Prize Claim Declaration Form, which will be accessible through the My Lottery section of My Account. Once it’s filled out and submitted to us, you’ll be informed of the next steps.


Edwin Hubble
24 Sep, 2017
Where can I get my winnings?
Mikołaj Kopernik
24 Sep, 2017
Thank you for the gret service and experience!

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